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Selected for Easyboot Testing!

I am very excited to have been selected to test the new Easyboot "Love Child" boot! Yes, they are looking for a official name, so if you have any ideas, feel free to make suggestions!

(All pictures are courtesy of Easycare Inc)

This boot is so intriguing to me. I have been using the Easyboot Glove regularly on my personal horse and training horses with a lot of success. I am familiar with the glue on process of some of their other boots (Glove, Easyshoe Performance and Flip Flop) and had already been planing on making the switch to glue on's for my horse (if he gets the ok from the vet) for the 2017 ride season. So what an exciting surprise that I get to test the 'latest' hoof care product from Easycare!

What I like about these boots is that they are a combination of both the glue on glove shell combined with the heal flexibility of the Easyshoe. - Hence the Love Child name.... keep thinking guys...

These boots look like they will serve the hoof great protection for a competition weekend, or multi day use. They are suggested to be applied and used following the Glove Glue-On protocol which states they can remain on the hoof for up to 10 days.

HOWEVER, The thing that I can't wait to try is removing the inner rubber blend insole, which would allow air to get to the hoof sole. This should allow the boot to remain on safely for an entire trim cycle as I see it. Which would be so cool! No more strapping on gloves for every ride!

You can see in the picture above, the rubber blend insole is flexible with finger pressure. Below picture shows the cut down lines to trim height if needed. The holes in the boot are to act as glue dowels. The heel length is also longer on this boot to allow for custom sizing and support.

They are sending out a batch at the end of February, which should be great timing! I will know at that time if Prevost will be our tester and if not, I have another pony in mind that also has a size 1 foot to fit these testing boots. The snow hopefully will have melted to some degree to allow me to safley get my trailer out and get riding further east.

I really think its great that Easycare looks to its customers for feedback on their products. I can't wait to get my hands on these and document the process. Stay tuned for updates on the Easycare Love Child in the next several weeks! (Keep thinking of name ideas too!!)

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