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Coming into the finish on the 25 at HHHD in Mattawa, WA. Thank you Jala Neufeld for the AM

Endurance horses are built over several years of progressive training. Let me help prepare you and your horse for a successful season and future!



I will be accepting a limited number (1-2) of horses in for training geared towards an Endurance career in the Spring. This is a unique opening that is tailored towards you and your horse's current situation in both trail training and physical conditioning.


I believe to be a SUCCESSFUL endurance horse, your horse MUST be a good trail horse FIRST. This means having control of the horse's feet, light and responsive to aids, ability to move down the trail on a loose rein and navigate trail obstacles slow and gentle. Safety is key and takes lots of time, repetition, exposure, patience and many steady miles under saddle to develop consistent habits. Once that is working well, we can then add in additional conditioning and start to play with increasing speed, duration and difficulty for more altered physical conditioning.

This would be a great opportunity for someone with a young horse just starting out in endurance, an old campaigner that you might not have time to get legged up for spring and summer rides, or the already fit and conditioned horse that you would like to gain more exposure than just his normal trail head conditioning track. Horses will receive varied terrain exposure such as high rugged mountain riding, flat desert trails, soft and sandy gradual hill climbs and twisting single track trails through the pines.


You horse will be in training full time, balancing physical and mental training 5 days a week towards our pre-discussed training plan and goals. A minimum of 3 days a week you horse's training takes place off property, so there are going to be lots of hours logged with trailering and traveling to different training locations.


​**Available add-on's to monthly training/program:

  • Overnight Camping Experience

  • Camping/Riding Exposure at a Recognized Endurance Event

  • Ride your horse through their first AERC or EDRA ride of 25 or 50 miles


Full care boarding is included with training and provides a private and spacious dry paddock, day turnout on 4 acres when not in work, feeding 2-3 times per day of quality orchard or timothy grass hay, fly spray, grooming and bathing, feeding of your provided supplements and daily paddock cleaning. I live on site and will oversee all your horses care in addition to his training.


I will provide weekly updates on your horse's progress and what he's been working on that week. I will include photos and video when possible to give you an inside view of your horse's progression!

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