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Creek crossing at Klickitat Trek Enduran

Offering custom training plans tailored to you and your horse!


$2000/month - includes full care board, 2 lessons, 5 day/wk training

My monthly training program IS NOT the run of the mill, 5 day a week, 1 HOUR ARENA training.


My monthly training program is very time intensive, focusing on exposure, experiences, long rides and concentrated training. No matter what your goals are in the arena or out, the importance of many hours spent outside of the paddock working on continued exposure, is the only way to begin the true development and foundation of a safe, broke horse.

In order to make this work, I have cut way back on the amount of horses I take in at a time. Having 5+ horses in training is just not possible to guarantee each individual gets the time they need. So depending on the situation and training goals, I take on ONLY 1 or 2 horses at a time for full monthly training. These spots fill fast, so if you are on the fence, better to get in contact with me ahead of time.

Once I feel I have a good foundation and connection with the horse, I will be taking them off the farm regularly each week. This is for both riding work and/or ground work. When trailering out, I can spend over half the day with your horse, so please understand this is reflected in cost, you are most certainly getting what you pay for! Not a lot of other training facilities offer this. 

  • Trail Competition

  • Groundwork Series

  • Starting Undersaddle

  • Western Dressage

  • Liberty Training

  • Round Penning

  • High-Lining

  • Camping Overnight

  • Endurance Competition

  • Ranch Horse

Please contact me for further information.

Monthly training includes unlimited viewing of training, 2 free lessons per month, 5 day training week for your horse, weekly updates with picture and/or video and full care board in very large, private paddocks.

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