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Prevost - Going to the Track!

What a quick turn around. I have been trying to be patient getting a call back from a local vet office for a phone consult now for 3 days! You know how that goes, when you have to wait... Anxiousness and impatience sets in... Maybe a little frustration too!

I decided off of a recommendation of a friend to call Dr. Bob Schneider, a lameness vet that comes and works out of Emerald Downs every couple weeks. He called me back in under 24 hours and listened to my questions/concerns and what I have done with Prevost up until this point.

Dr. Schneider seemed to agree that the come and go swelling in that area of the leg matches up with two possible scenarios. One, it could be the carpal canal that is inflamed/filled (runs down the back of the leg) resulting in pressure on the vein causing it to become distended. Second, could be a possible check ligament injury, which is located in the exact spot of the swelling. He is recommending an appointment to re-ultrasound the leg and go from there. I expressed that I don't have a handful of $$$$ for MRI, he said its not out of the question, but there are a lot of other ways to investigate without having to go that rout.

I guess it comes down to wanting to know exactly whats going on and start the correct protocol of treatment. I am waiting to hear back on an appointment. Dr. Schneider will be back in Auburn Feb. 8th. So I guess I put my patient pants back on!

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