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Winter Time Fittness

Are we all about drooling for spring time riding?! I know I am...

The thing is, I loose a lot of fitness over

the winter. I am just plain not as active as I am in the spring and summer due various reasons. When spring time hits, we get our horses out and put "them" back to work. But what about ourselves? I will not lie that it takes me good while to get enough strength back to work with the horses effectively. I feel that rider fitness is an important part of horsemanship a lot of us may not be honest with.

If we are not strong in our bodies, how can we sit the trot fluidly and not bounce on our horses back? Do we have the strength to continue on with a lesson and not quit because "we" are exhausted or out of breath? Are we as riders, flexible and loose enough to position our bodies in a way that is more obvious to the horse what we are asking him to do?

I decided this year that in order to stay on top of my game for 2017 season, winter is my time to work on "ME". Not focusing on the horses' strengths and weaknesses, but what are mine? This is a great time of year to check in with yourself and be honest about your capabilities, goals and make a plan on how you can better yourselves to reach those goals.

For me, I have decided it is in my best interest, as well as the horses I will work with and future clients, that I need to be as in as good of shape physically as I can. I need to start this NOW. I have been honest about the physical weaknesses and stiff parts that really do bother me during the year, and I am now making a plan to start pinpointing what may be going on and work towards making it better and stronger.

Starting this physical activity plan has made me even more excited for 2017 season. Thinking about the snow melting, getting the horses out and knowing that I will be a head of "MY" game come spring time is what is propelling me forward.

I want to challenge YOU to ask yourself what you can do NOW to better yourself as a horse person. Not only will your horse thank you come riding season, but your body will too!!! <3 <3

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