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Slow Going Ankle Recovery

So as most of you know, I had surgery on my right ankle the beginning of September. My injury was from overuse, and not one specific event, just too much time in the saddle, imagine that! But I also had some abnormal anatomy that was not helping things, so really, it was multiple things that were causing my pain. The tendon that stabilizes my ankle was torn, I had extra calf muscle running behind my ankle that was removed, as well as an EXTRA tendon (WHAT?!) that was removed and then a stint put in my good tendon to fluff it back up due to it getting squished with all this extra stuff in there.... wow! Now realizing I had this going on all summer, I think it may have been a bit silly of me to push it this far. I had a good routine with lots of tape during the day and ice at night... not good enough, lesson learned!

Prognosis is good, but recovery is slow. It's funny, when the doctor is telling me my recovery time due do torn tendons, I'm like "ya, sounds about right. Stall rest it is, tendons take a LONG time to heal!". haha It only makes sense to relate it to horse recovery right?!

I am looking forward to my doctor appointment next week, hoping to get the ok to start putting weight on my foot. I have been non weight baring for over 5 weeks, not being able to drive, walk or even stand in the shower. Basically everything is just more difficult. Luckily I am fairly comfortable getting around using multiple tools like my crutches (I use these the least), a knee scooter for around the house/grocery store and, my favorite, which I get the most comments on, my PEG LEG. Also called an iWalk. I have been told I need a hook or an eye patch... I guess Halloween is coming up?!?!

It won't be until March that I get to place a foot in the stirrup, but I think I have timed it right to get reconditioned in the saddle before training season starts back up. Time will tell, hopefully I will be ahead of schedule!

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all my friends, family and clients that have kept in touch! Your support is what gives me the motivation to get better and take care of myself at this time. I cannot wait until next season to get working with some good horses and good people! Please stay tuned - I have some new opportunities within my training program that I will be offering next year. I hope to get it ironed out and share with you in the next month or so! :) More to come!

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